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Performant better-sqlite3 driver for Typeorm.

It's 10x or even 18x faster for some cases - link


import { Connection, createConnection } from 'typeorm';
import { OrmService } from '@pencroff/typeorm-better-sqlite3';

async function run() {
    const orm = new OrmService();
    const con = await createConnection();
    await orm.useConnection(con);
    const repo = orm.getRepo(SomeModel);
    const result: SomeModel[] = await repo.find({
      where: {
        fieldA: 'abd',
        fieldB: 123,

for more details please check example folder

Instalation notes

It requires building tools and Python 2 (should be >=2.6.0 <3.0.0).

Python 2 can be used from folder "C:\Python27\python.exe" (Not required to be in PATH)

Actually just run as Administrator (if you have any issue with compiling better-sqlite3):

npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

More details here.

Make sure to have sqlite3 package in your dev dependency. It requires for migrations.

Known issues

  • Import createConnection before OrmService. Like below:
import { createConnection } from 'typeorm';
import { OrmService } from '@pencroff/typeorm-better-sqlite3';